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Ashton Police
023 615 1782
Bonnievale Police
023 616 8060
Montagu Police
023 614 1230
McGregor Police
023 625 1600
Robertson Police
023 626 8340


Emergency Drug Helpline

0800 43 57 48
(0800 HELP 4 U)
  • It's Everyone's Problem

    It's Everyone's Problem

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Cape Winelands District Municipality, LSAAG and MEC Albert Frits

Back row from left: Mnr Eugene Jacobs (Department of Social Development Robertson), Sister Magda Marero (Department of Health Robertson), Cllr C Meyer (Cape Winelands District Municipality), Schané Potgieter (STAND), DB Janse (MAYCO Langeberg Municipality, Cllr JDF van Zyl (Langeberg Municipality), Const Rudolph Valentyn , Jo-Anne Otto (Cape Winelands) , Dirk Eland( Department of Social Development Worcester Regional office manager)

Front row from left: Claude Schroeder (Executive Director Rural and Social Development Cape Winelands District Municipality), Cllr Wilma Strauss (Member of Mayco), MEC Albert Fritz (Department of Social Development), Stacey Doorly – Jones (STAND), Executive Mayor Helena von Schlicht ( Cape Winelands District Municipality), GB Joubert ( Dep Exe Mayor Langeberg Municipality) Chantal Pepper (Department of Social Development), Devon de Koker (STAND)










Marches for International Day against

Substance Abuse and illicit Trafficking

Hot off the Press - LSAAG Newspaper


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Langeberg Substance Abuse Action Group (LSAAG) Shattering The Myth of Substance Abuse

Over a period of 3 days from 13th to 15th June 2016 and targeting over 2800 school pupils at 8 schools in the Langeberg District, the Langeberg Substance Abuse Action Group (LSAAG) drove home the strong message of Shattering the Myth of Substance Abuse! LSAAG proudly partnered with Denzil Moses, who was born into a family of gangsterism and drugs in the Cape Flats and at the age of 18 became the leader of the Fancy Boys gang until he was shot in the head by his own brother and declared clinically dead.


Today Denzil dedicates his life to educating and rehabilitating gang members. Department of Social Development and Langeberg Municipality also took part in the initiative by providing pens and the presence of a Social Worker at the schools. This powerful intervention was made possible by the Graham & Rhona Beck Development Trust and the Second Chance Trust who are working together to address the substance abuse pandemic in the Western Cape.

For more information on the LSAAG network, contact Stacey Doorly-Jones on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Denzil Addressing Zolani CP Combined

Denzil Addressing Zolani CP Combined

Denzil Kiewiets (rap artist) Olin Kiewietz and Denzil Moses

Denzil Kiewiets (rap artist) Olin Kiewietz (LSAAG Co-ordinator) and Denzil Moses

Participating Schools






13 June 2016

Ashbury Primary School



13 June 2016

Concordia Primary School



13 June 2016

Keisie Primary School (awaiting confirmation)



14 June 2016

Zolani CP Combined



14 June 2016

McGregor Primary School



15 June 2016

Langeberg Secondary School



15 June 2016

HVenter Primer



15 June 2016

Bonnievale Primary School






2806 pupils

Langeberg Substance Abuse Action Group


RAD Hip Hop Substance Abuse Awareness Campaign

UWC Substance Abuse Training Course

I thought the UWC Substance Abuse course was extremely well presented and very motivating but without a facility we are like a ship without a rudder... The same problem remains... there are no facilities here and so all the motivation in the world really is thwarted. The Region needs a base to build on and this ,I feel is crucial. Those who can really help and talk to addicts can go there and there would be a concentration of help that is effective.


I would hereby like to thank LSAAG and UWC for the opportunity afforded to partake in the Substance abuse training. At this stage words cannot express the value and impact it made in my life as to helping and assisting our members and ultimately our community. As facilitator, at the CADALAC Montagu group and assisting in the Ashton group (STONE and CADALAC members in Ashton), it has empowered me to accurately identify and address which stage the client is, and which methods to use. Emphasizing that each individual is different and ought to be treated as such.  A big shout out as to how the presentation / training were done. It also gave me opportunity to network with other support groups. And hearing what and how they're doing.


I found the above mentioned training very informative and interesting. This information explained to me why individuals who misuse substance behave in a certain manner. The motivational interview skills and the screening tools are both helpful information.  This will enable me to address each individual and to focus on the individual`s own needs. In closing the training was educational , a learning experience and I enjoyed the training very much! Ten out of Ten!!  Once again thank you so much for the opportunity to attend such a kind of training.


I have learned how express my feelings, I've learned how to deal with addicts, how to have patience with them and not to be judgmental.  Provide psycho - social support to all victims of abuse and those who have been exposed. This course has helped me a lot and I've learned so many things about substance abuse, and I'm looking forward to do another course.

Gillian Klink

Signature Programme Participants from Bonnievale Graduation Day

Thank you so much to LSAAG and 2nd Chance for this amazing opportunity - hope to work together in the future!