Important Numbers

Ashton Police
023 615 1782
Bonnievale Police
023 616 8060
Montagu Police
023 614 1230
McGregor Police
023 625 1600
Robertson Police
023 626 8340


Emergency Drug Helpline

0800 43 57 48
(0800 HELP 4 U)

Community Based Out-Patient Treatment

The STAND Pilot Community Based Outpatient Treatment Programme (CBT) was developed over 12 months as an integrated model of substance abuse treatment offered within the community, providing a continuum of care from outreach and low threshold services, through detox and stabilisation, to aftercare and integration, offering strong support to the family.

The Pilot CBT – called the LSAAG Community Based Treatment Program launched to the public on Monday 04 March 2019 from the 6 Sultana Crescent at the MAG Sentrum in Montagu.

  • Service users will be treated directly within the context of their communities, exposing them to their normal daily stressors, which can significantly assist in fostering the patient’s independence in their natural environment.  This is the fundamental difference between inpatient and outpatient treatment.
  • Treatment is for people from ALL walks of life 18 years to 65 years of age

Programme is fully registered with the Department of Social Development

View Registration Certificate

The CBT outpatient treatment programme will be provided at no cost to the service users within the rural areas of the Langeberg Region

Treatment Cycle: 9 weeks
Client Intake: 12 per cycle

Brief Programme Outline

Structured in to the program:

  • Thorough screening and assessment
  • Referrals to inpatient where necessary
  • Access to health services
  • 7 Random weekly drug tests
  • 6 Individual counselling sessions
  • 4 family/conjoint counselling sessions
  • 6 Integral Recovery activity sessions (art, animal assisted therapy & mindfulness)
  • 5 Contingency rewards for clean drug tests and full programme attendance
  • 2 Family substance abuse education workshops
  • 2 Health education sessions
  • 3 Mindfulness sessions
  • 6 x 12 Steps Journaling and reflection sessions
  • 6x 12 Step meetings
  • 12 Early recovery groups
  • 13 Relapse prevention groups
  • 1 Local excursion in the Langeberg
  • 1 Excursion to Cape Town

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