Important Numbers

Ashton Police
023 615 1782
Bonnievale Police
023 616 8060
Montagu Police
023 614 1230
McGregor Police
023 625 1600
Robertson Police
023 626 8340


Emergency Drug Helpline

0800 43 57 48
(0800 HELP 4 U)
  • Substance Abuse is a National Crisis

    Substance Abuse is a National Crisis

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The Issue | Langeberg Substance Abuse Action Group

Substance abuse is a national crisis threatening the very fabric of our society with illegal drug consumption in South Africa recorded statistically as being double the world norm.  Increasing drug availability and abuse has led to an upsurge in crime and violence rates, especially among poor unemployed South Africans. Figures published by the South African Police Service show that drug abuse accounts for 60% of all crimes.   In essence, substance abuse is gripping the very core of our society and the co-ordinated efforts of all sectors such as Government, private, business and NGO’s is required to decrease widespread drug use at all levels of society.

The Langeberg Municipal region consists of 5 towns, Bonnievale, Robertson, Ashton, Montagu and Mc Gregor, commonly referred to as BRAMM.  Not only are these areas well known for producing some of the best wines in the country, it also has a history of communities rich in a very diverse culture. The majority of its inhabitants are made up of predominantly white farmers and coloured and black farm labourers.

Substance abuse is crippling our communities and is a primary health issue, a crime issue, a social development issue and a criminal justice issue. Over the past year, the Langeberg Region has seen a sharp average increase of 31.86%, in drug-related crimes (Crimestatssa) with Tik and alcohol abuse being an unrelenting affliction.

Establishment of LSAAG

Langeberg Substance Abuse Action Group (LSAAG) was established on the 24 May 2012 and built on three pillars, namely Awareness, Treatment and Aftercare and comprises of partner affiliate organisations and individual stakeholders in the NGO, Government, Private and Faith Based sectors.

The primary purpose of LSAAG is to effectively address substance abuse in the Langeberg Municipal region through collaborative networking, efficient utilization of resources, capacity building and effective project co-ordination.

Operational Structure

The LSAAG structure does not fulfil a statutory role, but rather encompasses the collaborative input and support of all stakeholders involved. The LSAAG initiative is guided by the LSAAG Advisory Committee, which consists of non-permanent subject matter experts within the LSAAG network of NGOs, Private Sector, Government and Corporate stakeholders whose expertise is requested as required.

Legal Structure

LSAAG Community-Based Treatment Legal Structure & Accountability.

LSAAG Legal Structure